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Researchers make progress with better, safer aqueous lithium-ion batteries


Claims of better, safer lithium-ion batteries aren't exactly hard to find, but some researchers from Shanghai's Fudan University have now made some progress in an area that has previously proven to be particularly tricky for battery makers. They've managed to create an aqueous lithium-ion battery that substitutes most of the oxygen in the battery for water, which the researchers say not only makes them less flammable, but cheap to produce. As you might have guessed, that's been tried before, but previous attempts have only resulted in a battery that can hold 50 percent of its charge capacity after a hundred cycles -- these new batteries, on the other hand, hang on to 90 percent of their capacity after a thousand cycles. Unfortunately, the researchers still have a ways to go on increasing the actual capacities of the batteries, but they seem confident that they'll eventually be a viable alternative to traditional, more explosion-prone lithium-ion batteries.

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