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Found Footage: Case-mate will freak you out with iPhone case commercials


Case-mate has decided to promote its new iPhone and iPad case-making site (one tip, Case-mate: Don't create an iPhone case site that requires Flash) with some videos, and rather than put together images of how great the cases work or how good they look, the ad people decided to just jump right into the deep end of the insane pool.

As you can see above, the first concept involves some kind of mystical girl in the mountains who can create objects with her mind, and has six arms, and ... well, just watch it for yourself. I already have a case on my iPhone (and it's not a Case-mate, I just use the iSkin Revo), but honestly, I prefer some crazy ads like this to, say, the FaceTime commercials. I can only take that "Baby, it is so short" commercial so many times.

Case-mate tried to tell us that the second commercial they made wasn't quite as nuts, but man, it's even crazier. It's also kind of not-safe-for-work, too (some mild gore and implied nudity), so I'll just link to it by name: Living With Steel Wool Hands (How I Lost My Nipple). No, really. Watch if you dare. I don't know what they're putting in the water over in the marketing department, but maybe they should splurge for bottled.

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