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Thanks to Hexxeh, you're just a few clicks away from trying out the latest Chromium build

Tim Stevens

Chromium is the fully open source flavor of Google's Chrome OS, which has the potential to do for netbooks what Android has done for smartphones. Or, it could be yet another little operating system that generates some buzz before zipping off into the sunset. If you'd like to make up your own mind on the subject before it sees full release to the masses it's a lot easier thanks to Hexxeh. We've already sampled the wares of intrepid image meister, but now he's automated the process on his end, meaning the latest builds of Chromium magically turn themselves into images for your enjoyment. He calls it the ChromiumOS Vanilla Nightly Builds page and, after a quick download and an extraction to a spare thumb drive, you too could be rocking the freshest version of this little OS.

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