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Breakfast Topic: So we were driving through The Barrens ...


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My husband and I have been playing since he bought the game for us on Valentine's Day of 2006, while we were dating. In June, we got engaged and I started planning the wedding. We drove from the Phoenix area through the Hoover Dam and desert to Vegas in April 2007. Our human characters were around level 40 or so when we set out on our adventure, so we hadn't seen too much of Azeroth. It's hard to look around when you're running from ?? beasts just for a flight path, but what we did see stuck with us.

The entire drive to Vegas was filled with arguments and discussions about the landscape we saw as we drove. I thought it looked like Westfall, and he claimed it was more like the Redridge Mountains. Well, maybe some areas, I conceded. We agreed that none of it looked like Elwynn Forrest. I don't think we even mentioned The Barrens, but we had only traveled through The Barrens briefly for his warlock quests. It was a fun drive filled with WoW, even though we were nowhere near a computer.

What places have you been that remind you of the Azerothian landscape? Do you see the World of Warcraft everywhere you look?

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