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Gala-Net enters agreement to publish Prius in North America

Rubi Bayer, @@rubi_

It sounds either the opening line or the punchline for some sort of car-related MMO joke, but it's true. Prius Online is a popular free-to-play game in Korea, and Gala-Net has worked out a deal with CJ Internet, the game's Korean publisher and developer.

Not much is known about the NA version of Prius Online, but Gala-Net describes it as a "3C" or three-character fantasy game. The three characters consist of you and two AI-controlled companions, the Anima and Giga. The Anima is your companion, who grows and advances alongside you. The Giga is a sort of mercenary called forth in battle.

Gala-Net promises more information coming to the gPotato site very soon!

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