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Time Warner Cable entering the iPhone app game

Keith M

I've been a Verizon FiOS subscriber since the day it rolled out in my neighborhood, and I couldn't be happier (my bank account's demeanor is another story). Actually, I take that back, because I got a tad bit happier when the cable company released an official iPhone app that allows for DVR scheduling and management. Joy!

If you're a Comcast subscriber, there's a similar app available. And, coming soon, Time Warner Cable will be rolling out their own answer to the iOS app scheduling game. Just as with the Verizon and Comcast apps, you'll reportedly be able to manage your DVR recordings, view TV schedules and setup recordings from afar.

What the Verizon and Comcast apps do not have is the ability to view your recordings on your device, which, reportedly, could be a possibility with the TWC app. Imagine watching part of a recorded program on your iPad, then pick up later where you left off at home.

Check out the YouTube video after the jump, which shows off a glimpse of a prototype of the app.

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