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Acer and Motorola getting spicy Gingerbread for Android 3.0 tablets?

Tim Stevens

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Remember those Acer Android tablets the company has been teasing since May? Rumor has it they're getting put on ice -- for a little while, at least. They were initially planned to launch this year with a heaping helping of Froyo, but now the company apparently wants something sweeter: Android 3.0. The Gingerbread build is supposed to, among other things, support higher-resolution screens that one might want in a tablet, something that has apparently also caught the eye of Motorola, also said yet again to be working on a tablet. This would be developed in close partnership with Google and fits right in with the earlier rumors and roadmaps we've heard and seen. Gingerbread is said to come out of the oven sometime before the end of this year, which would likely mean a 2011 launch for these slabs. Is that too late for impatient tableteers?

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