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Metal Gear Solid Rising doesn't cut out pacifist play style


Konami revealed at Gamescom that it will be possible to have a "no kill" game of Metal Gear Solid: Rising, much like you can in previous Metal Gear Solid games (which reward you with high ranks, or, in the case of Metal Gear Solid 3, stealth camo). Of course, those Metal Gear Solid games in which it was possible to do that also had tranquilizer guns. Does Raiden have a tranquilizer ... sword?

"When you encounter human resistance you can slice their weapons in half, causing them to run away in fear," IGN explains. "If you accidentally slice off a hand or two, well, that will be forgiven, we are told." So even if you choose to play that way, you still get to slice a lot of things with your sword. That's a relief! The game is also full of mechanical enemies and watermelons, which can all be safely sliced without damaging your no-kill status.

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