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Etsy Find: Mmmmmmmm iPhone


Just in time for the weekend, here's an awesome vinyl sticker for the back of your iPhone that has Homer Simpson taking a bite out of your favorite brand's logo. It's made by Etsy user apjam, and while I'm sure it's not quite, you know, ... legal, it is a pretty funny way to play with the logo design back there. If it sprinkles your donut (so to speak), you can pick one up for under US$5 (assuming they go back on sale at some point).

I usually like stickers for the back of MacBooks -- they always look pretty good and stay out of the way. But an iPhone sticker? I guess it looks OK, but I toss my iPhone around far too much to leave a sticker untouched back there. I guess if it was held on well and I was careful, it would be alright, but I don't know if the visual gag would be worth all of the scratches and scrapes. Have you put one of these on your iPhone?

[via Neatorama]

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