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id loves the iPhone, but won't bring Orcs & Elves to App Store


Touch Arcade got to speak with none other than John Carmack himself at QuakeCon last weekend, and he had some disappointing news about getting old school id games on the iPhone. While Carmack said that he's excited about releasing Rage on the iPhone, he admits that id's past titles haven't sold up to snuff on the iPhone. That means that Orcs & Elves, originally created for mobile phones and then later released on the DS, won't be coming to Apple's App Store.

That's too bad -- you'd think that since Orcs & Elves was actually designed for mobile platforms, it would be one of the easier titles to bring over. But it sounds like Carmack is more interested in bringing new games to Apple's platform. id Software still has a mobile game division going, but it's just not worth porting the old games over when there's so much work to be done on the new ones. I guess we can live with that.

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