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StumbleUpon releases official mobile app

Keith M

Social sharing network Digg has had their own, official iPhone app out for several months, and now StubleUpon has joined the mobile game. This week, the StumbleUpon app was released for both iPhone and Android devices, finally giving users quick and easy access to links that might interest them, depending on their profiles.

Just as with the website and its browser toolbar, the app works quite well and quickly to display photos, pages and videos on your device whenever you touch the "stumble" button. Some of the icons aren't obvious as to what they do, such as the one identifying items in your StumbleUpon incoming links box. Other than that, though, it's a well-polished interface.

Something the app does not do, though, is allow one to submit new links. For that you will need to use a bookmarklet with Safari or use your desktop browser. The app is available now, for free, in the app store.

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