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LG GW910 slider turns heads at FCC; likes AT&T, Windows Phone 7, and long walks on the beach

Ross Miller

So, BEJGW910, we meet at last... or should we call you the LG GW910 with Windows Phone 7? Oh, don't act surprised, we've had you on our radar for some time now. You're not as sneaky as you might think, you know that? Sure, you thought your FCC meeting was a private one, but that foul temptress is not one to keep things to herself, and lookie, she's put some surprisingly decent shots online. External and internal, we're afraid. She also tells us you're wired for AT&T, is that to say you're in cahoots with Ma Bell? We've got all the photos ourselves now in a gallery below, so don't try and deny the rendez-vous. Oh, and your user manual showing off a "multitasking" button? We jumped ahead to page 25 and noticed the LG eXpo nod -- it's just a cobbled-together draft manual, a ploy to trick us. Good joke, you -- now tell us about your evil twin brother, C900.

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