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Man watches his home being burglarized via his iPhone

Mel Martin

The AP is reporting the story of a Dallas man who went out of town to visit relatives 1400 miles away in Hartford, Conn. While he was there, he got an alert from his iCam app, which was running on his iPhone, that motion had been detected in his house. It turned out to be two intruders that were trying to get in; they eventually threw a brick through a glass door to gain access.

He called 911, and the next motion alert he received was the arrival of police officers with guns drawn. It isn't clear from the story if the burglars got away with any loot, but iCam certainly did work, and it relayed the important message to the owner of the house.

We've reviewed iCam before. I use it to keep an eye on the house and pets when I'm away, and for the cost of US $4.99 (plus the money for a couple of webcams), it really is a great low-cost security system. The software can be set to take a rapid series of still photos when motion is detected, so the police should get some shots of the burglars, which will help make a case when and if they nab them.

[via the Dallas Morning News]

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