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Pirates of the Burning Sea expansion delayed

Jef Reahard

Those of you looking forward to the graphical improvements, ship tuning, and assorted extra features coming your way in Pirates of the Burning Sea's first expansion will have to cool your heels for a couple of weeks. Flying Lab Software community manager Tom "Rhaegar" Atkinson-Edwards posted official word on the Power & Prestige delay on the game's official website yesterday.

While no firm timetable has been set, it's not time to walk the plank just yet, as Atkinson-Edwards states that the team is currently shooting for a revised date in early September.

The expansion brings skill revamps, ship revamps, port governance, and a boatload of new missions to the world of Pirates of the Burning Sea. If you absolutely can't wait to see what the expansion has to offer, check out the open beta via the official website.

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