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Rogers HTC Magic+ 2.1 update almost ready for prime time


Early this year Rogers announced -- to some seriously upset owners -- there would be no Android update for the HTC Dream and HTC Magic. Shortly after there was a flip flop followed by an exchange program, which resulted in bags of smiles for all. Well, the final steps of that process are underway as Rogers announced today it has completed the Android 2.1 update testing for the HTC Magic+ ( it was renamed to Magic+ with its first firmware overhaul that included Sense ) and has sent it to Google for thumbs-up and eventual HTC OTA launch. The only catch is your Magic+ has to be running the newer Rogers firmware with Sense -- but fear not, they'll get you into a Rogers store to help you out with the update if you need it. Sadly still no firm timeline, but we'd say this glorious news should keep you busy 'til that fateful day.

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