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Blizzard opens Cataclysm beta key contest for Oceanic guilds

Anne Stickney

Did you miss out on the Cataclysm beta guild contest, simply because you lived in an Oceanic area? Still want in on the Cataclysm beta? Fear not -- there is now a contest open just for you. Unlike your US counterparts, this time there are no essays involved -- screenshots are the name of the game. Today Community Manager Zarhym announced the Oceanic Guild Screenshot Beta contest which, much like the version for US servers, will award each winner with 10 beta keys for their guild members to use.

We're proud to announce a brand new contest open exclusively to residents of Australia and New Zealand. We're looking for some tightly knit guilds who are ready to rumble their way into our World of Warcraft: Cataclysm beta test.

We want you to share screenshots of your guild's greatest triumphs and proudest achievements with us. Whether you and your mates just took down the Twilight Destroyer or you've crushed Kel'thuzad for the first time, we want to witness the milestones of your success. Each guild master who submits a winning screenshot will win 10 invitations to the World of Warcraft Cataclysm beta test for their guild. The contest will be on for five weeks and each guild is limited to just one submission. We'll pick five winners each week for a total of 25 winning submissions from eligible participants, starting August 27, 2010.

Before entering the contest, be sure to read the full contest rules for details and eligibility:

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