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New iPad case will offer hard shell, built-in keyboard


A recent FCC filing has revealed an upcoming iPad case with a built-in Bluetooth keyboard. With an iPad installed, it'll look and behave more like a traditional laptop, for better or worse.

Since this case includes a wireless keyboard, it must meet with FCC approval, and that's how it was discovered. Though it's less fun that this homemade version in my opinion, the case features a built-in keyboard and angled mount for the iPad itself. AppleInsider says that the keyboard is expected to get 100 days of standby time, and a theoretical working time of 90 hours, though real-world performance will probably differ. The battery will be charged via a standard dock connector-to-USB cable.

GearZap has it listed for £59.95, though it isn't currently available. It looks pretty cool and should offer nice protection when closed. If you use the iPad primarily for writing, keep an eye open for when this goes on sale.

[Via AppleInsider]

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