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Sony planning to expand Crackle presence on PSN


Speaking with the New York Times about its web-based video content portal (it's not a TV channel, folks), Sony execs ambiguously noted that "an expansion is in the works" for the service on PlayStation Network. Currently, Crackle content is available through PSN in the "Featured Collections" video section, offering some free and some paid programming (as seen above).

Through its web portal, Crackle avails a sizeable piece of Sony Pictures' film collection as well (read: over 200), though, currently, these films are only offered on PSN behind a pay gate. In the future -- with any luck, at least -- we might find ourselves perusing that same, streamable selection of films at no charge from the comfort of our living room couch. Or we might just see more content in general from Crackle making its way to PSN in a similar, partially paid structure. Yeah, we're betting on the latter too.

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