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TUAW's Daily App: Project Sanctuary


Project Sanctuary is one of the best dual-stick shooters I've seen on the App Store yet. It's quick and responsive, and it's got a surprisingly solid back-end, which includes four different characters to choose from, multiple game modes and settings, and even an in-game talent tree where you can specialize your characters and weapons as necessary in order to bring the best fight that you can. The game has a serviceable storyline, but the action here is all about shooting, moving, and using power-ups and weapons to take down as many enemies as possible.

If the game has an issue, it's that the view isn't quite as big as it could be. That kind of helps the intensity (as enemies can jump up on you quickly), but it'd be nice to see a little bit more of the field as you run around. It doesn't hurt the core gameplay, though; if you're a dual-stick shooter fan, you'll find some terrific hardcore action here for sure. Achievements and the ability to replay maps will help you keep playing, too. I wasn't able to try co-op, but the game reportedly has four player co-op available, which seems like it would make for a good time. At US$2.99, this is probably one for the genre veterans. If you've never played a dual-stick shooter before, I'd go with something a little more polished (Minigore is a good, traditional place to start). But if you're a dual-stick veteran seeking a little more depth, check out Project Sanctuary on the App Store now.

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