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Brabus's iBusiness is a Mercedes-Benz S600 tricked out Apple style


We've seen the iPad implemented both at school and at work, but in your car? That's the idea behind the iBusiness, a Mercedes-Benz S600 that's been tricked out with Apple gear aplenty by Brabus. Get this -- you can see the two iPads and keyboards in the back seats, but there's also a Mac mini in the back and a 64gb iPod touch as well. The display above is a 15.2" TFT display, and all of the gear connects to the Internet via a high speed 3G system. The iPads can also control the car's multimedia system, navigation systems, and the built-in telephone system.

And it's all built into a car that goes from 0 to 62 in 4.0 seconds, with a top speed of 211 miles per hour. Brabus has tricked out those interiors, too -- there's leather everywhere, power-operated curtains, wood trim, color-changing interior lighting, LED running lights outside, and anodized aluminum pedals under the sport steering wheel. Yowza.

Brabus doesn't give a price for this made-to-order monster, but the car itself (without any options) starts around $150k, so the entire package runs into the "if you have to ask, you can't afford it" range. What a set of wheels, though.

[via Electronista]

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