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Nintendo bringing fall lineup, new WiiWare game to PAX


Visitors to Nintendo's PAX booth will be able to try out some upcoming Wii games, including Kirby's Epic Yarn and Donkey Kong Country Returns, along with anticipated third-party games Goldeneye 007 and NBA Jam. Next week's Metroid: Other M will also be on display. Nintendo will also show a new WiiWare game, Fluidity, for the first time. The game involves "using the three forms of water -- liquid, ice, and cloud" to solve puzzles.

Be sure to bring your DS as well, as Nintendo will be distributing a new Dragon Quest IX map, "Orgodemir." If you're anything like us (which is to say hopeless), the rest of the convention will be spent trying to complete said map. Go sit on one of those bean bags and find some pals for multiplayer questing!

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