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iPhone 4 available in Mexico


South of the border, down Mexico way, that's where you can now purchase an iPhone 4 from Mexico's Apple Store online. Oh, and just to make the North American AT&T customers envious, the phone is unlocked. You know, just like in Canada.

iPhone 4 is available via Telcel and Movistar, but I was unable to find pricing on Apple's site, and both sellers were not forthcoming. Apple has not responded to a request for the price (if you know, please tell us in the comments). Still, the iPhone 3GS is now available for 8,199 pesos (which turns out to be around $650), so expect iPhone 4 to cost a bit more than that.

UPDATE: Apple sent the following response:

Dear Victor,

Thank you for your interest in the new iPhone 4 from Apple.

Apple has not made an announcement regarding iPhone 4 pricing or availability in Mexico.

Please keep an eye on Apple's website, at, for the latest information.

We appreciate your support of Apple products and services. Thank you again for taking the time to write.

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