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FreeStyleGames talks about the highs and lows behind DJ Hero

In a recent interview with Develop, FreeStyleGames creative director Jamie Jackson recounted the emotional rollercoaster ride the studio went through from the announcement to the release of their ambitious mixmastering sim, DJ Hero. Well, using that metaphor, said rollercoaster would be awfully boring -- everything leading up to the game's release only served to bring the studio down. Jackson explained, "when the first news of the game came out, and everyone slagged it off, the whole studio was depressed, because we'd given our life to it." (Yeah, sorry about that.)

Jackson explained that morale was low in the following months -- that is, until the universally positive reviews started pouring in. "Everyone else's opinion on the game had just turned during the release," Jackson said. "When the review scores came in that just changed the mood of the studio dramatically." We're sure the 1.2 million sales over the following eight months didn't hurt either.

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