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Party down with the new City of Heroes Party Pack

Eliot Lefebvre

It's time to get down and party in City of Heroes. No, not just partying up to clear some of the remarkably difficult content available in Praetoria, although that's also a fine idea. The team at Paragon Studios has just announced the Party Pack, a collection of several emotes designed to enhance your game experience. No new costume parts, no new powers -- just a solid collection of fun emotes to break out in any situation.

Sound ridiculous? Maybe a little, but who can deny the enjoyment of breaking out some new dance moves in the middle of a party, or even kicking a soccer ball in Atlas Park? It's not for everyone, but the breadth of emotes available should be sure to impress several players, and it's only $7.99 for the pack. Take a look at the gallery, and there's a trailer past the cut showing the new emotes in action -- a fun addition for any dedicated City of Heroes player.

[Update: This is just for the announcement of the Party Pack,. It will go live on September 14th.]

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