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Massive Mario collection will make your inner 5-year-old jealous


Remember when you were 5, and you went to McDonald's one day with your parents and they got you the Happy Meal with the windup Luigi toy in it? Remember how ecstatic you were that you had a real version of Mario's bro in a plastic bag along with your cheeseburger and fries, and remember how you went home and played with it all day until it stopped winding and you completely forgot about it until you had to clean out your desk drawer for college?

Well, 11-year-old Oscar Bown has that times a thousand. The kid's collected over 1,000 bits and pieces of Mario-related paraphernalia, and you can see most of them in a video after the break. He's got everything, from Mario Monopoly to Mario band-aids to pretty much every single vehicle toy from Mario Kart. Just saying: Whenever he eventually leaves for college, that desk drawer is going to be pretty full.

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