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Canon EOS 60D hands-on (video)

Ross Miller

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The 2010 Canon Expo is filled to the brim with drool-worthy image-capturing hardware (more on that later in the day), but the first thing we did when arriving was run straight to the EOS 60D. While we can't really get into the gritty details in terms of image and video quality based on show floor impressions alone, we will say the comfort and ease of use are superb -- not to mention an articulating display that'll come in handy for crazier shot composition. The company's definitely got a knack for iterative upgrades, but a prosumer-focused model like this is just a knockout for the price, and leaves us wondering what the future holds for the Rebel T2i when only $200 separates the two cameras. Pictures below, and check out a video walkthrough done by our Engadget Show Producer / Canon enthusiast Chad Mumm after the break.

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