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Nintendo of Japan releasing Mario collection for Wii in October


Nintendo's Japanese release calendar includes a currently unannounced game called "Super Mario Collection Special Pack." This coincides with the rumored announcement of just such a thing from a Nintendo retailer conference in Japan. Andriasang translated a Game Jouhou report of leaked information from this event -- normally we'd put little stock in third- or fourth-hand information like this, but the subsequent inclusion of the game on Nintendo's official calendar lends a bit of credence to the claims.

According to this translated scuttlebutt, Super Mario Collection is a "revival" of Super Mario All-Stars for the SNES. We don't know if that means just a port, or additional included games, or further graphical updates -- though at 2,500 yen ($30) we don't expect extensive remaking. The "Special Pack" name reportedly refers to an included book showing material from 25 years of Mario game development, along with a soundtrack CD featuring music from the whole series.

Nintendo has scheduled the release of this game for October 21, which means that we should see official information very soon. It also means that No More Heroes 2, out in Japan the same day, officially has no chance of selling any copies.

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