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The Daily Grind: What unique class is your favorite?

Eliot Lefebvre

There are certain classes that are nearly ubiquitous. Even if your game veers toward a class-free system, it's almost inevitable that you'll have a warrior-shaped bundle of abilities that pokes things with sharp weapons until they fall down and die. But while virtually every game has the big four options (fighter, rogue, cleric, and mage by other names), there are also classes resistant to pigeonholing, the sort that only exist within that particular game. Summoners in Final Fantasy XI, Dervishes in Guild Wars, Masterminds in City of Heroes, Wardens in Lord of the Rings Online.

While some of the aforementioned classes might have vague counterparts elsewhere, there's nothing else that captures the same feel, and that makes them more memorable in the long run. So what's your favorite unique class (or set of abilities that are loosely shaped like a class) in a game? Are they your favorite class to play, or just the one that felt the most distinct? Do you still play the game in question for that class, or have you since moved on, hoping to one day recapture the fun in a new setting?

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