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Sunday Morning Funnies: Even the sticker is shoddy

Amanda Miller

Comic News: Out of World announced that there will now be a comic released each week, rather than 3 times per month. It has also been seriously suggested that The Adventures of Disgraph T. Dwarf will be back soon! Unfortunately, I do not have the date yet. You guys should also take another look at the SMF Gallery Guide; WoW, eh?'s artwork has been updated to show a custom piece!

Last, but certainly not least, Kelly Aaron's, and's, Byron, the Tauren Rogue, has debuted its finale.

Last week's featured comment: Tokkar said...

Good morning everyone! Thanks for the feature, Amanda! W00t!

Some great stuff this week - loved it all! :-D

Hey, guess what? Disgraph T. Dwarf will be coming back soon! He got himself a new computer and has been diligently working on some new stuff (if Twitter is to be believed, that is...hehehe) - hopefully we can see HIM featured next week! :-)

Well, it isn't up yet, but I can barely wait until it is!

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