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Halo: Reach launch festivities detailed by Microsoft


Next week's release of Halo: Reach carries with it some dire consequences for one New York City Best Buy-owned location -- the Times Square Best Buy theater will be taken over by thousands of rabid Halo fans, patiently waiting for their copy of Reach at 12:01am Tuesday on the dot. Additionally, the theater will feature a "surprise musical performance" and a chance to meet the creators of Reach.

Seattle will also be holding a major launch event. The Experience Music Project / Science Fiction Museum and Hall of Fame will host folks from both Bungie and 343 Industries, as well as a chance to compete in tournaments and win "coveted Halo prizes." Will you finally get that real-life plasma sword? We certainly hope not. That's dangerous!

As expected, US game retailers (from GameStop to Walmart) will be holding midnight launch events across the country, though we suggest you check with your local retail outlet before lining up next Monday night. A week's worth of Xbox Live-based activities -- named "Invasion Week" -- are also planned, which you can find detailed after the break.

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Invasion Week Activities & Programs:

  • Connect to Xbox Live and receive a free Halo: Reach Invasion Week theme
  • Game with Developer: Bungie will play with fans on Thursday, September 16 from 5–7PM ET in the US; and Friday, September 17 from 8–10PM BST in the UK
  • Play & Win: Play Halo: Reach any time during Invasion Week and you will be entered to win tickets to the upcoming UFC 122 Fight
  • Community Events: Themed nights hosted by the community team to play Halo: Reach, including Co-op Night, Xbox All Nighter and Community Playdate

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