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GetGlue goes iPad


GetGlue users who have iPads have a reason to get happy today -- there's an official GetGlue iPad app available in the App Store. We talked about the Glue social network and iPhone app when it debuted a few months ago, and Glue is now quite popular. It's great to see the GetGlue app on the big screen now, and you can even get a special "iPader" sticker (one of the common bonuses for achievements in GetGlue) for using your iPad to check in.

The free app does an outstanding job of utilizing the extra real estate on the iPad display, and makes it much easier to follow what your friends are watching, reading, or thinking about. As noted in a phone call about GetGlue that I participated in yesterday, the new app allows for a more immersive conversation with friends.

In other GetGlue news, the company has reward partnerships in place with FOX, HBO, Showtime, PBS and Universal Pictures. The FOX deal is brand new, and there will be special rewards for fans of the popular Glee and Bones series. Later in the month, GetGlue and FOX will be providing incentives for fans to watch two new series premieres for Raising Hope and Lone Star.

HBO has placed a lot of special GetGlue posts on their website, and fans can get exclusive stickers for influencing friends or dropping comments. The network is planning on special incentives for the new Boardwalk Empire and Eastbound and Down series, encouraging users to get stickers for watching the trailers and checking in during each episode. PBS is planning on joining in on the fun when they provide special rewards to viewers of new mini-series this year who check in while watching the shows live.

It should be a fun fall TV season, and GetGlue is there to add to your enjoyment.

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