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DJ Max Portable 3 spins on UMD October 14, PSN October 19


PM Studios has announced two release dates for the upcoming UMD and PSN versions of DJ Max Portable 3. The UMD version will be available on October 14, while the PSN version will be available on October 19.

The disc-based version will be rather limited, with only 5,000 UMDs made available for the North American version. An additional 1,000 special edition discs will be sold exclusively on Bemanistyle and

In conjunction with the release date news, PM also released a number of videos of the game which you can check out here.

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In celebration for all DJMAX Fans a special contest will be held for the North American
release of DJMAX Portable 3.

Los Angeles, CA, September 9, 2010 - PM Studios, Inc., an innovative publisher of video
games for the mass market, today reveals the official release date and special bundle
edition for DJMAX Portable 3 for the PSP® system. DJMAX Portable 3 is next
installment of the popular rhythm game sensation and will be released in North America
for the UMD on October 14, 2010 and the PlayStation® Network on October 19, 2010.

To commemorate the launch of the third edition of the DJMAX Portable series, PM
Studios would like to announce the Special Bundle Edition (SBE) for DJMAX Portable
3. The Special Bundle Edition will be released on October 14, 2010 and will be
exclusive to The Special Edition will come with a special art book,
soundtrack, casing, and alternate coversheet.

Both the UMD and SBE will be available in extremely limited quantities. There are only
1000 SBE's and 5000 UMD's available for the North American version of DJMAX
Portable 3 making it truly a collector's item. PM Studios highly suggests preordering one
from either Bemanistyle or to ensure a copy upon release date. Preorders
will begin on September 9, 2010.

To accommodate the Special Bundle Edition, the North American version will have a
special contest for all SBE purchasers. PM Studios will be throwing a contest with
random vouchers in all packages. The prizes will vary in each package.

Grand Prize (5) Winners: Technika Championship Card (Only 30 Made), Technika
Platinum Crew Card (Only 30 Made), Technika Limited Edition Panda Card, DJMAX
Portable Black Square Limited Edition, DJMAX Trilogy Limited Edition, DJMAX Fever,
DJMAX Black Square and Clazziquai Edition Combo Pack, Technika Limited Edition
Soundtrack, Technika 2 Limited Edition Soundtrack.

First Tier (300) Winners: Free PSN Version of DJMAX Fever.

Second Tier (100) Winners: Free PSN Version of Strikers 1945 Plus.

Third Tier (20) Winners: Free Technika Championship Card

Third Tier (20) Winners: Free Technika Platinum Crew Card

Fourth Tier (50) Winners: Random Technika Card

For more information on the SBE, please visit

For more information, please visit and contact customer service.

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