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Enso shutting down retail sales, finally refunding zenPad orders

Tim Stevens

We didn't want to get sucked into this whole Enso debacle, but our first post on the company and its too good to be true zenPad resulted in a flurry of warnings about unsatisfied customers and never-appearing shipments. After numerous delays we finally got one to try out -- and a sad, sorry review unit it was. Now, nearly six months on from that original post, the company is finally, finally processing refunds for those who ordered their zenPads back in March but were left with nary a gadget in sight. With all that behind it, Enso is shifting its efforts exclusively to B2B sales, meaning that you can still buy any of its various and KIRFy wares but the minimum order is 25 units. C'mon now, who wants to be the proud owner of two-dozen zenDroids?

[Thanks, @PitchingAFit]

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