No, we didn't get an Enso zenPad

Hey folks, it's just come to our attention that Enso -- a French Italian startup that received notoriety for selling vaporware tablets -- has been using Engadget's good name to convince irate customers that its product actually exists. We gave Enso the benefit of the doubt at first, but let's put things in perspective: we have not received an zenPad tablet, and in fact, we no longer expect to. Enso has now promised us a review unit on five separate occasions beginning in early April, and missed each deadline it set for itself. We do not endorse the supposed product, and we'd appreciate it if you pay no attention when company founders tell you otherwise -- or set up fake review websites, for that matter. That's just not cool.

Update: Wonder of wonders, we received a package from Hong Kong... and inside was a bona fide Enso zenPad. Guess the sixth time's the charm! We'll have impressions for you soon.