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Rumor: FaceTime on the way for iChat and Windows

Mel Martin

Ever since the FaceTime announcement as an 'open platform,' the question's been hanging over us: when do we expect desktop support for the new videoconferencing approach? "Soon," is what French website Mac4ever is reporting today. They have a pretty good track record, so the prediction is worth noting.

The article says Apple will soon release a version of iChat that will allow Apple desktop and laptop owners to video chat to iOS devices with FaceTime. Further, the speculation is that Apple will do the same thing for Windows users wanting to talk to FaceTime users either on Macs or iPhones.

Apple has stated that it expects to see FaceTime protocols widely used. If the rumor is correct, that goal should be well on the way to being fulfilled. I can't wait.

[via 9to5Mac]

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