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The Queue: Titan's Midriff

Michael Sacco

Welcome back to The Queue,'s daily Q&A column in which the team answers your questions about the World of Warcraft. Mike Sacco will be your host today.

Nice armor there, Qtbelf. Don't you know how much stomach wounds hurt? Clearly you've never seen Three Kings.

PS: I've learned my lesson about letting Fox do The Queue. Nobody posts questions! They just talk about Fox, Fox, Fox. Granted, half the comments are from Fox himself...

Swift asked:

How's Silithus shaping up in the Beta? I am rerolling a worgen mage to replace my current main and really want to get the "Guardian of Cenarius" title to fit into the "worgen getting rescued by the night elves" lore. I have farmed and bought hundreds of encrypted twilight texts and I pray the quest giver doesn't get blown up in the Cataclysm. Thanks!

Silithus is one of only two remaining zones that aren't ready for testing yet (the other is Winterspring), so honestly we have no idea what's going to be different there. Hopefully everything. I'm not sure how your plans for your Encrypted Twilight Texts are going to work out, though -- Ortell's moved up in the world.

Steve asked:

Do the new zones in Cataclysm feel as open and um, epic as Northrend, and how do the re-worked old zones feel, size wise, with flying mounts?

The new zones feel enormous, because they are enormous. Vashj'ir alone has three sub-zones, each with their own map.

Each new Cataclysm zone has an engaging main story and a few side plots to follow, but they're paced differently. Hyjal is, to quote Rossi, a doomsday clock -- you're constantly moving forward, because if you don't, Ragnaros will win and Hyjal will burn to the ground. Deepholm is similar in its stakes, only instead of just losing Hyjal, the entirety of Azeroth will collapse into the elemental plane if you don't repair the World Pillar. Vashj'ir is a different story -- the boat you take is meant to travel to the newly-risen island's surface to fight the opposite faction for control, but that trip takes a bad turn once you near Vashj'ir. It takes a little longer than Hyjal to complete, but is such an entirely new experience that you likely won't mind.

Some old-world zones are, obviously, bigger or smaller than others. Flying overhead is a different experience depending on the zone. Flying works really well in some cases (any zone not covered in tall trees) and not so great in others (any zone covered in tall trees). Everything looks beautiful from the right distance, but seriously, can we lose the fog already? Let me deal with my computer, Blizzard. You just make it so everything in the distance isn't the same color fog and we'll be good to go.

ROB13 asked:

Have the Knights of the Ebon Blade, or just death knight NPC's taken some steps into Cataclysm? I would think they would need to do something now that lorewise the Lich King is dead.

From what I've seen, the Knights of the Ebon Blade don't have a lot going on in this expansion. Thassarian and Koltira, though, are involved in the Battle for Andorhal in Western Plaguelands. They're supposed to be fighting each other, but bros is bros, you know? Not that that particular decision works out very well for Koltira.

The Ebon Blade might have a presence in EPL, but I haven't quested there yet. What I have seen is mostly Argent Crusade banners.

Have questions about the World of Warcraft? The crew is here with The Queue, our daily Q&A column. Leave your questions in the comments, and we'll do our best to answer 'em!

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