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CCP to take the mask off of World of Darkness at The Grand Masquerade


We've been biting our nails waiting for CCP to fully unwrap its promised World of Darkness MMO, but so far the company is playing its dark cards close to the chest. However, if you happen to be in New Orleans later this month, you may be among the first to pry substantial information from the slavering jaws of the developers.

Last month, CCP community developer Shane DeFreest strongly hinted that the upcoming White Wolf convention, The Grand Masquerade, would be the company's first big step to show the game to the anxious public. The convention website has since posted a list of event panels for the weekend, which includes a session entitled "Tell the World of Darkness Development team what you want to see in the MMO" as well as several other MMO-specific panels.

The Grand Masquerade will run from September 23-26, 2010, at the Roosevelt Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New Orleans. As the future of the World of Darkness is revealed, Massively will be sure to bring you the news. Just... not until we make our own dark pacts first.

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