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Intel CEO: 'Simplistic' Apple TV is for 'mom'


With the recent announcement of Apple's new, improved Apple TV, there's been a lot of talk as to whether it will meet consumers' demands and expectations, not to mention how it will fare following the arrival of Google's competing TV device.

According to Electronista, Intel CEO Paul Otellini said he felt Steve Jobs was taking a "step backward" by not making the Apple TV more of a computer-like device. He said Google TV would be the "full internet" coupled with a traditional TV, featuring the complete Chrome browser as well as supporting Flash.

Otellini said he still thought Apple TV and Google TV could co-exist, though, because they appeal to two different audiences. Apple's device will appeal to his "mom" because it's "simplistic," whereas Google's device will appeal more to those wanting more, like his son. At the recent Apple event, Steve Jobs said that consumers didn't want their TVs to do everything and that they wanted them to be simple: play Hollywood movies and TV shows.

MacDailyNews has a chuckle with the Intel CEO's criticisms, pointing out that Apple TV will no longer use Intel's Pentium M, but instead rely on an ARM-based processor.

Google TV is expected to start shipping in September, very close to when the new Apple TV will ship. It's sure to be an exciting time seeing how these two devices fare. Let the race begin!

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