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EA hasn't seen 'significant' backlash to Online Pass

Though comments on our posts regarding EA Sports' Online Pass program haven't been the sunniest reading material to pore over, Electronic Arts CFO Eric Brown recently told the Deutsche Bank 2010 Technology Conference that reaction to the initiative hasn't exactly been apocalyptic, either.

"There's been no significant pushback from the user," Brown said of the program, which charges $10 for access to online modes in games acquired secondhand. "People know bandwidth isn't free, so the fact that we're diffusing online costs isn't seen as unreasonable." That's a pretty sensible outlook on the situation; though when a company's as large as EA, the definition of "significant" might be kind of obscure. We guess they didn't see our skywriting message over Pensacola Beach which read: "EA no pay for Onl. Pa." So what? We abbreviated -- it was $15 per letter! We're not made of money, guys.

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