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Elecom's 47-in-1 MR-A005 card reader gains SDXC support, speed boost

Darren Murph

Frankly, we've our doubts that this planet is even home to 47 different useful types of flash cards, but if you're Boy Scout instincts simply won't let you leave the house unprepared, there's Elecom's MR-A005. It's a familiar design, sure, but what it lacks in ingenuity it makes up for in compatibility. This is one of the first mega-multi-card readers to support SDXC, and we're told that this model is around 20 percent faster than its predecessor when writing to CompactFlash (not to mention 10 percent faster when writing to SDHC). And hey, it's available in four triumphant colors. Check it later this month in Japan for around 30 bones.

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