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Nokia's fall accessories: Bluetooth headsets for every budget... and some colorful spheres

Chris Ziegler

Though they were obviously overshadowed by the handset announcements, Nokia World also saw the introduction of a number of new Bluetooth headsets and miscellaneous accessories like the DT-600 this year. We took a look at the new headset line, and we've got to give Nokia some credit here -- they're serving pretty much every possible segment of the Bluetooth headset-wearing public, from the budget shopper to the occasional user to the hardcore, I-feel-naked-if-I-don't-have-it-on types. The ultra-low end BH-108 is constructed almost entirely of matte plastic and doesn't offer any DSP noise reduction or other tricks, but at €20 ($26), it's one of the cheapest headsets from a top-tier manufacturer you can buy.

At the opposite end of the spectrum are the mighty BH-609 and BH-806 -- priced at €59 and €99 ($77 and $129), respectively -- that offer maximum functionality or style depending on what you're looking for. The BH-609 offers wind noise reduction and voice prompting, but isn't much to look at; the BH-806, on the other hand, is one of the nicest-looking headsets we've ever seen but relies on DSP alone to cut noise... so yeah, pick your poison. Like a couple of Nokia's new lower-end offerings, the 806 features a neat dock that keeps the headset turned off and disconnected when attached; only when you remove it does it turn on and connect, which means you get significantly more standby time (several months' worth) and you don't have to keep it in your ear when not in use. Surprisingly, it connects fast enough so that you can pull it out of the dock to use it only when the phone rings.

To quote Monty Python, "and now for something completely different." The MD-11 is a battery-powered blob available in several colors; it starts life as a powered speaker with a spooled 3.5mm audio cable attached to it, but you can string two of them together (see above) to create a stereo setup on the fly. Rubber loops on the side let you hang them on a wall, though we can't imagine that mode of operation is going to see too much use; they're €19 apiece, so figure on spending about $50 to get a full boombox going with these things. Everything you see in the gallery below will be available between this month and the end of the year -- and we definitely see a few promising stocking stuffers in the mix.

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