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Casio G'zOne Ravine coming soon on Verizon, it seems

Chris Ziegler

Fact: the QWERTY clamshell Brigade is the only Casio G'zOne that Verizon currently sells. Fact: not everyone that wants a G'zOne wants a QWERTY clamshell (well, okay, that's more of a suspicion of ours than a fact, really). Anyhow, looks like Big Red is finally getting around to replacing the now-discontinued Rock with a new model, the Ravine, which appears to carry over all of the G'zOne lines usual features and styling cues -- most notably the ultra-rugged shell and push-to-talk capability. The external LCD reads Wednesday, September 29, which we suppose could be the launch date; in the meantime, we guess we'll just have to continue being careful not to drop our phone into creeks or mud pits.

[Thanks, Terrence]

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