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HTC Desire HD hits the FCC, lacks American love

Chris Ziegler

We certainly weren't expecting it, but we can now confirm that the Desire HD announced yesterday lacks any 3G for use in North America thanks to the FCC filing that just hit today. Frequently, we don't know how HTC's internal product codes map to unreleased devices, but by pure happenstance we got a shot of the Desire HD's battery slot during our hands-on where we see that "PD98100" definitely lines up. What does this all mean? Well, it means that the EVO 4G seems poised to soldier on as HTC's only 4.3-inch Android option for Americans in the near term, though there have been plenty of situations in the past where they've snuck in a second model code with 850 / 1900 on board. We'll hold out hope, we suppose.

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