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PlayStation Move launch day: All you need to know

Justin McElroy

It's launch day for the PlayStation Move, which could prove to be ... tricky for gamers.

Listen, we know how it is. Day one of any new technobauble brings a sort of gravitational force pulling you towards your nearest retailer, urging you to succumb to the sweet, sweet siren song of "I have it and you don't." If you think we're not fighting its dulcet tones as we write this, you're sadly mistaken.

But there's every chance you don't need the Move right now and can stave off the inevitable a few more weeks or months. Of course, there's an equal chance you need it right now -- and you had no idea. We don't know you, and we can't make this decision on your behalf.

Luckily, you know you, so we're making it our mission to equip you with all the knowledge you need to either fend off the call of the Move or convince yourself buying it was your idea all along. Once you've digested the info past the jump, hop down to the comments and let us know if you'll be picking one up, or share your first impressions if you've already pulled the trigger.


The Bundles and Hardware:

PlayStation Move ($50): This is the ice cream cone with the flashy round part. You need it.

PlayStation Eye ($40): This is the camera. You need it too. Unless you already have it.

Navigation Controller ($30): This part is optional, but come on. It's $30. Don't get cheap on us now.

PlayStation Move Starter Bundle ($100): Sports Champions game, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye

Console Bundle ($400): 320GB PS3, Sports Champions game, PlayStation Move, PlayStation Eye, Move demo disc

The Move in Action (Videos):

The Future:

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