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TravelTeq's 'The Trip Sound' luggage boasts integrated speaker, USB charging port

Darren Murph

Heaven only knows if you could actually squeeze this thing into the overhead bin of an Airbus A319, but darn if we wouldn't give our left arm to try. TravelTeq's newest piece of luggage makes just about every other average piece of zip-up cloth look downright antediluvian, but with a price tag well north of $700, that's certainly to be expected. It's engineered to be toted onboard your aircraft, with the top doubling as a seat and a set of pull-out wheels ensuring that you never tip it over whilst darting from one end of PHX to the other. It's fairly clear that the technophile was in mind during this unit's creation, as it touts a dedicated laptop pouch, a reinforced aluminum exterior, inbuilt speaker system (two drivers and 15 total watts of power), a 3.5mm auxiliary input, and a port for charging your mobile (or anything else with a USB port, save for an iPad). The Trip Sound is up for order right now, and we're guessing the toughest decision of all will be deciding between white or red wheels.

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