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Details begin to appear for Yakuza: Of the End


Andriasang has rounded up all of the details announced about Yakuza: Of the End so far, giving us a bit more info than "it's got zombies in it and it's really weird." Of the End takes place in a Kamurocho that is quickly becoming infested with zombies, causing Japan's Self Defense Force to close the district off and leave the remaining survivors for dead. Four gangsters from previous Yakuza games, including series hero Kazuma Kiryu, decide to take up arms and clean out the town rather than allow themselves to be eaten. Also, complicating matters, Kazuma's adopted daughter Haruka has been kidnapped.

The "Heat Action" finishing moves from the series have been replaced by "Heat Snipe" moves, which grant increased accuracy with guns when launched. Each character has a different weapon with which they are most proficient: calm Kazuma is a rifle expert, while nutjob Goro Majima is best with shotguns. In addition to these four characters, you'll be able to pick up partner characters -- including hostesses from hostess clubs -- all of whom can be trained at "Gary's Boot Camp."

Perhaps strangest of all, the usual Yakuza distractions will be back. In the midst of a zombie invasion, you can play some arcade games in Club Sega, hang out in batting cages, or even perform karaoke. Don't worry, those booths are soundproof, so the groaning undead outside won't bother you when you're concentrating on your song.

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