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Poll: Do women care about HDTV?


UK-based research firm Mintel has taken some time out of their usual schedule tracking the sales of pies and pasties (Beef Pie is leading) to investigate consumer reaction to HDTV and says its results indicate women are far less enthusiastic than men about high definition televisions. Even with nearly 20 million HDTVs in Britain, less than half of the people surveyed are actually receiving HDTV broadcasts. According to Mintel, women are turned off by a focus on sports in the programming and don't think the increase in picture quality is worth paying for. Interestingly, while they were also less interested in 3DTVs, they were nearly as likely as men to be interested in watching 3D movies at the theater and to agree it was worth paying extra for. If you believe in the notion that targeted programming is the answer, on this side of the pond networks like E!, Lifetime, Food Network and others have jumped to high definition in recent years, not to mention that the overwhelming majority of primetime and daytime programming has already upgraded to a higher resolution so we're wondering if you're seeing the same results in your household.%Poll-53028%

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