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Ubuntu prototype uses face recognition to intelligently move UI elements (video)

Darren Murph

Digg Not that we haven't seen mock-ups before for systems using webcams to intelligently move user interface elements, but it's another thing entirely for a company to make a public proclamation that it's tinkering with implementing something of the sort into a future build of its OS. Over at the Canonical design blog, one Christian Giordano has revealed that the company is in the early stages of creating new ways to interact with Ubuntu, primarily by using proximity and orientation sensors in order to have one's PC react based on how they're sitting, where they're sitting and where their eyes / head are at. For instance -- once a user fires up a video and leans back, said video would automatically go into fullscreen mode. Similarly, if a user walked away to grab some coffee and a notification appeared, that notification would be displayed at fullscreen so that he / she could read it from faraway. There's no mention just yet on when the company plans to actually bring these ideas to end-users, but the video embedded after the break makes us long for "sooner" rather than "later."

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