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JVC's EX-S1 'wood cone' mini stereo boasts iPod dock, soul soothing vibe

Darren Murph

Hard to pinpoint what it is exactly about JVC's Wood Cone range of products, but the mere sight of 'em just makes a good 82.4 percent of life's problems disappear. Trust us, we looked it up. The outfit's latest is a new mini stereo that's just about perfect for college dorm rooms or studio apartments, particularly if the dweller happens to own an iPod or iPhone. As with just about every other compact boombox on the market today, this one too has an integrated iDevice dock on top, though there's a standard CD tray, USB port and auxiliary input in order to fetch tunes from a plethora of sources. It's available in four luscious colors over in the Land of the Rising Sun, but you'll be left to guess as to a price. Something tells us it'll be just a wee bit higher than whatever you're expecting.

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