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Survey: 23% of iPhone users would switch to Verizon


It's something we've heard for years now. "If the Verizon offered the iPhone, there would be a mass exodus from AT&T." According to one survey, the exodus might not be so massive.

BusinessInsider reports on a survey conducted by Credit Suisse that asked an unspecified number of iPhone users who they would select as a carrier if they could abandon AT&T. Just 23% -- less than one quarter -- said they'd jump ship to Verizon. Additionally, another 3% would move over to Sprint while a whopping 2% would choose T-Mobile.

Of course, this means that 63% of iPhone users surveyed would stay put with AT&T. Credit Suisse crunched the numbers and figured out that 23% of users represents about 1.4 million customers who are willing to switch to Verizon. Personally, I live in a moderate coverage area, so I'd have trouble no matter who I'm with.

How about you? Are you ready to switch?

[Via AppleInsider]

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